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What is our website work?

Ans: Our work is to add your group to our website. Through it you will find many members. We’ll add your group to your favorite category

Can we block any users?

Ans: If a user repeatedly clicks on the ads on our website, we will block it. We will block the IP address of the users

Do we create many WhatsApp group?

Ans: We do not create any WhatsApp groups on our own. You are seeing a lot of WhatsApp groups on our website. Different people send us their WhatsApp group. They belong to consumers from different countries.

How do I add my WhatsApp group?

Ans: Yes you can send us your whatsapp via forum. simply click, add group link, and feel form and send instantly. We’ll review your group and add it

We add any whatsapp group link?

Ans: We add any group. But we will remove the group which is spreading the content of children under the age of 18. Upon notification of such group we will remove that group

What is GroupLinksor?

GroupLinksor is a best whatsapp group link sharing platform you can also share your group and join the group.

How do I add my group?

If you would like to add your whatsapp group link Click here add your group rule content and select category submit group.

How to add Multiple link?

You can not add same group multiple links, You can add same group for one time, If you do, we will remove your group link.

Remove Revoke group

If you see any Revoke group then you inform me in comment section, we will remove that revoked groups.

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